Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anna Griffin Card Kit

I have been watching HSN's 24 Hour Craft Day Event for um 24 hours and I have resisted buying another craft item because I have already bought in the past 2 different sets of Anna Griffin card kits on auto ship.
We just celebrated my mom's 90th birthday last Saturday and she got some lovely presents so I got out my Anna Griffin Thank You card kit and made this for the neighbor who gave her a pretty lap blanket and slippers.
By the time I got the photo downloaded from my phone to my computer and then onto here I just spent 60 dollars to get her 18th century garden stamp set. Oh well, lady willpower only held out for 20 something hours Pin It


  1. Oh, how pretty! 20 hours? I think that's a new record for you!

  2. pretty card and you hold in there friend. ha