Tuesday, December 20, 2011

small topiary

I am just dropping by to show you the little gift I handmade for the girls in the office.

 It is really easy to make, small walmart clay pot, small styrofoam ball, a package of dyed green moss from the florist section, assortment of small ribbon flowers from craft aisle, a small twig from outside, floral pins and a glue gun.
1. Hot glue a small piece of cut styrofoam to fit inside the little clay pot then set it aside.
2.Stick the twig in a round styrofoam ball then hot glue together, add moss with floral pins to the round ball and embellish your little form as desired using hot glue.
3.Stick the stem with the embellished moss ball into the styrofoam inside the clay pot and hot glue if not stable, add moss to top of pot and you are good to go and give or save if it is too cute. Pin It

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