Monday, November 7, 2011

The Paper Craft Magazine card challenge

Hi there,
Cissy and I decided to make our own versions of a card we saw in the most recent Paper Craft Magazine.
I thought I would do a digital version of the card "you made me feel right at home".

Equipment needed:
Photoshop or similar graphics editing program. Open a new document, size it to 8.5" wide, 5.5"length, 300 resolution, transparent background. Place a vertical grid line at the 4.25" to divide the right side (which is the front side of the card) from the left side (which will be the back of the card). All elements will be placed on right side of the card.

Supplies needed:
 Glossy cardstock 8.5"x11", I used white for my card base but you can use any color you like since we will make the card on a transparent background.

(3) images- googled from the web, scanned from paper, or from a digital kit that you own, each image should be scaled to about 1 1/2 inches square- change their backgrounds if needed to beige or white- the 3 images side by side should equal 4.25" overlapping images if needed to make the three images the width of the card. I googled from the web using the search word "dimestore".

The free digi kit Holiday Party by Brandy Buffington at Two peas in a bucket. I only used the red and blue scallop edge from the kit.

O.K. Let's get this started in here.

Layer #1  fill with white or desired color.
Layer #2  fill with kraft paper color, I used #c6af8d in PS then scaled it down to 2 3/4" tall by 4.25" wide and placed 1" down from top edge of paper.
Layer #3  place your 3 images in the center of the kraft paper layer (my final image color was different because I was running low on ink).
Layer #4  place your scallop edges on top and bottom of 3 image panel, flip horizontally to place one scallop facing downward.  Move the edges around until happy with placement.
Layer #5   text layer- add "You made me feel right at home" in black ink with any font you like. I used Papyrus 20 point and moved it under the kraft colored layer.
Turn off layer #1 (the white background) before printing. Merge all layers if you do not want to edit or move images again.
Print on glossy paper and then send to your hostess with the mostest! Pin It

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