Friday, December 21, 2012

Freebie Friday Font

The holiday season is in full gear and I hope this finds everybody getting their cheer on!

I have been reading a book about fonts called "Just My Type" by Simon Garfield and have been looking through the fonts in my computer and decided to do a post on fonts for friday's freebie. 

And to continue the celebratory theme (since we made it through the mayan end of the world prediction) AND we have so much to be thankful for I have included a link to a New Year Font.  

I have been making "font map/directories" for my ding bat fonts and have included this one for you, here is what it looks like 

Go here to download New Year font
Go here to download font map

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  1. Fran this is awesome!! How in the world did you make the font map directory?!?! I SOOO need to make some of these!!

  2. Ad I just used your link to download the font, but it looks like the owner now wants $22 for it! Any tricks I may have missed, or is my timing just off?

    1. Hi Amy, I am so sorry I steered you to the wrong site, I have corrected my error and changed the link so you should be able to get the font for free from fontpalace.