Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing with my new Copic markers

Hi again,
I decided to take the financial plunge and buy a few copic markers but only the ones I will need to color pretty flower stamps, none of this buy the whole set business then be stuck with colors I don't want or ever use.
God love my blog partner Cissy, she had generously given me some of her stamps and this hydrangea was one. I just love the blue colors of this gorgeous plant so I went ahead and looked at all the tutorials out there on copic coloring and specifically
Next attempt will be roses, so I will need to study the tutorials out there that give me the colors they used, then I will have a go and post that sample for all you guys to google at.
copic colors BV02, BV31, G20, G21
I couldn't buy, so I didn't use, the third color that copic artist recommend because the store was out of the color so I just went ahead using two colors for the flower and two colors for the leaves but I think it came out all right just doesn't have as much depth as when you use 3 colors.
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