Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Altered cigar box

Hi everybody, I wanted to show you all what I made for my grand niece Erin since she is finishing her first year at Yale. She is on the Yale Lacrosse team so I made some personalized note cards that reflect her sport.
My idea was to give her a keepsake box and riff on the idea of Alice in Wonderland. I used Graphics 45 paper to decoupage the cigar box. I wanted to place the words "Erin in Yaleland" on the box so I used Photoshop to make the letters using "curlz" font, mirrored/flipped the words and printed on Graftix "rub-onz" specialty paper which made a great rub-on to place anywhere I wanted on the box.
On the inside I made a paper divider and placed a dozen personalized notecards to one side of the divider and on the other side of the divider a bookmark I made with the Alice theme and a pack of stamps.

I hope she likes it but I know I like it.
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  1. How adorable! I'm sure she will love it and the notecards you made for her. What a perfect gift!

  2. Thank you ladies for your kind comments, as you know we bloggers love the comments, comments let us know people really are out there and we are not blogging to only ourselves!